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Biosafe Solutions supply food industry chemicals and disinfectant cleaners to some of the largest food and drink manufactrers in the world. Our market leading industrial chemicals offer a full range of floor cleaning chemicals and food grade chemicals for food factory cleaning. 

We are lucky in Scotland to be the home of whisky and many of the large distilleries use our products for an array of cleaning applications within their bottling halls. Our green chemicals offer safe cleaning products for degreasing, ink removal, stainless steel polishing and disinfection of surfaces. 



Micro emulsion, water based cleaner made from grain derived solvents and soya bean esters. Dilutes with water – safe to use on all surfaces.

Cleans walls, floors, machinery, paintwork – even carpets. Low foam characteristics mean it can be used in scrubbing machines and power washers.

Forms ‘quick-break’ emulsions with oil and so is ideal for marine uses. Contains no hydroxide, phosphate, silicate or nonyl phenol compounds. Non flammable, 100% biodegradable.



A very effective heavy duty liquid hand cleanser. Is bactericidal and contains no perfumes which make it ideal for food industries. Contains no harsh chemicals and is totally biodegradab

A luxury pearlised hand cleaner designed to gently clean and condition the skin. Its pearlised lotion maintains the natural pH balance of the skin.

Lightly perfumed hand and face cleanser for washrooms and showers. Safe to use as an all over body gel whilst being strong enough for use in all industries. Totally biodegradable.

A high quality heavy-duty hand cleaning gel containing glycerine and lanolin for unbeatable skin protection. Pro-Grit will remove oil, grease, tar, ink, adhesives, paint and many other stubborn soils quickly and efficiently.



Food safe and BSEN1276 accredited disinfectant cleaners and sanitizers for all food factory cleaning applications. 

Super strength floor and wall cleaner. Dilutes up to 200:1 for economy. Utilises orange terpines for its power and therefore is less hazardous than other heavy-duty cleaners.

Germicidal general purpose detergent with fungicidal properties. Fragrance - free, so it's ideal for cleaning food preparation areas etc.



Designed for the care and maintenance of all stainless steel surfaces. Removes dirt and grime from the surface leaving an attractive sheen.



Safe cleaning solutions that will very effectively degrease. Based on natural solvents derived from soya beans and other natural, renewable resources. It is non-flammable, contains no petroleum solvents and is 100% biodegradable.

These safety solvents have low oral toxicity, low odour and low vapour hazard.

Excellent solvency and high soil loading capacity make these green chemicals suitable for a variety of applications including – parts washing, wiping down machinery, ultrasonic cleaning, brake cleaning, chassis cleaning, tar removal, degreasing, paintbrush cleaning, ink removal, wipe down solvent, mastic removal.

These products can be used in dip-tank or parts washer degreasing applications. Alternatively, they may be applied by brush or spray and are water rinsable. Use as supplied or dispersed in up to 10 parts water. Water dispersions should be freshly prepared. Check for suitability before use on painted surfaces. 



As well as releasing contaminants from polluted surfaces, HYDROBREAK breaks down their long hydrocarbon molecules into shorter and more accessible chains. Its unique formulation then stimulates an ‘explosion’ of naturally occurring bacteria which feed off the residue and convert it into water and carbon dioxide. Then, with their food source gone, the bacteria simply die off. Unlike conventional detergents, solvents, oil dispersants or hydrocarbon-based degreasers, HYDROBREAK doesn’t merely move the pollutants elsewhere, it destroys them. And since it is itself non-tainting and completely biodegradable, even when mixed with contaminants, there are no residual traces left after rinsing.



An enzyme based drain cleaner and grease trap maintainer.  It is a blend of enzymes and dormant bacteria that work by natural principles to break down organic matter safely and efficiently into liquid waste.  Regular use of Bio-enzyme 500 will result in clean, odourless grease traps, drains and sinks.  Bio-enzyme 500 is safe to use and will not damage plumbing. 


Green chemicals that will assist your business to:


  • Reduce risk costs
  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Improve health and safety
  • Improve your COSHH register



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