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Biosafe Solutions supply a full range of marine chemicals for all marine cleaning applications. With extensive experience in maintenance chemicals for marine tank cleaning and treatment chemicals for marine boilers we are sure to have the range of marine cleaners you require.

We can provide all your chemical supplies for any ship cleaning or boat cleaning tasks as well as water treatment products for your boiler systems.

With all products manufactured in the UK we can offer short lead times at very competitive prices.




Is an enzyme based toilet and pipe cleaner. It is a blend of enzymes and dormant bacteria that work by natural principles to break down organic matter safely and efficiently into liquid waste. Regular use of Bio - Enzyme 500 will result in odourless grease traps, drains and sinks. Bio - Enzyme

500 is safe to use and will not damage plumbing.




Is a blend of surfactants and water -soluble solvent. This readily biodegradable formula has been extensively tested for use in all marine applications and is safe to use, store and dispose of. Both products contain emulsifiers that break down organic soils and hydrocarbon matter in the bilge, fish well or bait tank quickly and thoroughly, leaving behind a fresh pleasant smell.




Is an aqueous solution of surfactants and water -soluble solvents. It is a powerful degreaser suitable for use on all equipment and parts. The most difficult soils such as dust-laden oils, fuels and lubricants will be lifted and wiped or rinsed away without damaging or reacting with the cleaning surface.




CEFAS Rating for offshore use: Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme Gold Category. In use the degree of dilution depends on the type of contamination and the degree of soiling, the type

of crude and its location, as well as the type of oil/pseudo based mud systems used. Can be diluted with fresh or seawater. Heavy cleaning - 5/1 ; Light degreasing 25/1.



A citrus oil based degreaser containing naturally occurring solvents. Effective degreasing without the need to utilise any harmful solvents. Dissolves oil bound contamination such as tar, bitumen and grease and materials of a waxy, resinous or fatty nature. Safe to use on most plastics.


As well as releasing contaminants from polluted surfaces, HYDROBREAK breaks down their long hydrocarbon molecules into shorter and more accessible chains. Its unique formulation then stimulates an ‘explosion’ of naturally occurring bacteria which feed off the residue and convert it into water and carbon dioxide. Then, with their food source gone, the bacteria simply die off. Unlike conventional detergents, solvents, oil dispersants or hydrocarbon-based degreasers, HYDROBREAK doesn’t merely move the pollutants elsewhere, it destroys them. And since it is itself non-tainting and completely biodegradable, even when mixed with contaminants, there are no residual traces left after rinsing.


A powerful cleaner which has the cleaning and descaling power of acid, but which is non-corrosive to metals and sensitive surfaces. Use to clean concrete floors, aluminium, stainless steel, pipework. Removes rust, scale and lime deposits.





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