Biosafe Solutions work closely with many commercial cleaning companies throughout the UK and beyond to develop powerful cleaners that are safe to use, store and dispose of. In addition to some of our most popular products listed below our chemists also develop bespoke products to meet the ever changing and demanding cleaning applications.



Micro emulsion, water based cleaner made from grain derived solvents and soya bean esters. Dilutes with water – safe to use on all surfaces.

Cleans walls, floors, machinery, paintwork – even carpets. Low foam characteristics mean it can be used in scrubbing machines and power washers.

Forms ‘quick-break’ emulsions with oil and so is ideal for marine uses. Contains no hydroxide, phosphate, silicate or nonyl phenol compounds. Non flammable, 100% biodegradable.




A powerful cleaner which has the cleaning and descaling power of acid, but which is non-corrosive to metals and sensitive surfaces. 

Use to clean tiles, concrete floors, masonry, aluminium, stainless steel, alloy wheels, pipework. Removes rust, scale and lime deposits.
This product is based on a unique organic salt which performs like an acid in terms of its descaling and cleaning properties but without the fuming and corrosive properties associated with strong mineral acids.
For example, under UK Transport and Labelling Regs. a material is classified as corrosive if the rate of corrosion on steel at 55oC exceeds 6.5 mm per year. The raw material used in A.R.C produces a test result under these conditions of 0.638 mm per year.
Similarly, the raw material has a Primary Irritation score of 2.1 using methods described in the revised OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals (modified Draize Method). This score would classify the material as a ‘Mild Dermal Irritant’.
A.R.C. behaves like an acid in many applications. It has a low pH and pKa and demonstrates superior calcium carbonate dissolving properties to organic acids such as citric or glycolic and  commonly used acids such as phosphoric and sulphamic. It has approximately 70% of the descaling power of hydrochloric acid of equivalent concentration. However, its safety profile means it has significant benefits over most acids in terms of handling, transport and storage.
A blend of neutralized surfactant, fatty acid, pine oil, alcohol, dye and water.
Contains biocides, surfactants, acrylic copolymer floor polish, perfume and water. 

An enzyme based drain cleaner and grease trap maintainer.  It is a blend of enzymes and dormant bacteria that work by natural principles to break down organic matter safely and efficiently into liquid waste.  Regular use of Bio-enzyme 500 will result in clean, odourless grease traps, drains and sinks.  Bio-enzyme 500 is safe to use and will not damage plumbing. 




·         Safe                                                      - No hazard labelling
·         Effective                                              - Removes most types of graffiti quickly
·         Eco-Friendly                                       - Low toxicity, fully biodegradable formula
Recent legislation has restricted the use of many of the solvents previously used in graffiti removal or imposed strict labelling requirements and safety precautions.
GS101 uses modern solvent technology to give excellent performance on a wide range of surfaces combined with a low risk to the user and the environment. It contains no chlorinated solvents, ketones, lactates, NMP or aromatic hydrocarbons but is based on modern alternatives with a low vapour risk, low odour and low environmental impact. GS101 does not require any hazard labelling, special protective equipment or procedures other than common sense precautions.
GS101 is available in both liquid and gel forms, it rinses with water and is fully biodegradable.
Graffiti Removal: GS101 will remove graffiti such as spray paint, household paint, marker pen or crayon from hard surfaces both indoors and outdoors including masonry and concrete.
GS101 liquid performs well as a spray and wipe application on non-porous surfaces. For porous surfaces or difficult jobs, use the gel and increase contact time. GS101 will, in many cases act more thoroughly than traditional products.
Apply with a brush or spray over the whole area of the stain. Allow 10-15 minutes to act. Use a stiff brush to agitate stubborn graffiti and hose or rinse off with water, preferably using a high pressure cleaner where possible.
Graffiti which has been left for long periods on a porous outdoor surface such as concrete or brickwork may require longer contact times or more than one application. On masonry, it is safe to use long contact times (more than 1 hour) if necessary.
Paint Stripping: GS101 will strip many types of paint from wood, metal and masonry by the application method (gel) or immersion (liquid). Contact times of at least 30 minutes should be allowed.



* Binds and chemically neutralises odours – not a masking agent
* Kills odour causing bacteria and moulds
* Replaces malodours with a pleasant, fresh fragrance
BIOSAFE ODOUR NEUTRALISER removes unpleasant odours by binding with odour causing compounds such as fatty acids, mecaptans, thioethers and sulphides which are then neutralized. BIOSAFE ODOUR NEUTRALISER contains a biocide which acts effectively against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and moulds which may produce odour causing compounds.
BIOSAFE ODOUR NEUTRALISER leaves behind a persistent fresh, clean fragrance. It is effective against odours from human and animal waste, food, industrial processes and smoke.
Use in a variety of applications including;
Carpets and Upholstery
Toilet areas
Animal houses
Waste plants and landfills
Refuse storage areas and skips
Food waste and processing plants
Industrial Odours
Smoke contamination
BIOSAFE ODOUR NEUTRALISER may be sprayed, misted or applied as a liquid. Dilutions of up to 100:1 can be effective depending upon application and odour source.
A citrus oil based degreaser containing naturally occurring solvents. Effective degreasing without the need to utilise any harmful solvents. Dissolves oil bound contamination such as tar, bitumen and grease and materials of a waxy, resinous or fatty nature. Safe to use on most plastics.


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