The hospitality industry in the UK now has an important part to play in the sustainability of our environment. Great inroads are already being made by companies improving energy and water efficiency and waste management. New legislation is also being introduced to reduce the chemical waste entering our water systems.

BIOSAFE Solutions offers a range of products specifically designed for bars, restaurants and hotels. We supply Multi purpose cleaners, Glass and dishwasher and Degreasers specifically designed for commercial use. In addition we provide tailor made degreasers and waste water treatments. Our products can be safely disposed of or even used to degrease your drains and will readily biodegrade in 28 days.

BIOSAFE Products are:

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-reactive
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Derived from plant extracts
  • Safe to use, store and dispose of


Multi purpose

  • Used for cleaning floors, tables, all surfaces,
  • washroom facilities
  • Suitable for glass & shiny surfaces
  • Effective for use on carpets & soft furnishings as shampoo & stain remover

Glass and dishwasher solution

  • Ready to use in commercial/industrial glass and dishwashers
  • No need for additional rinse agent as very effective and does not contain chemicals
  • Non corrosive meaning increased life of machine
  • Clears blockages in drains & pumps maintaining excellent performance of dishwasher

Degreaser and grease trap cleaner

  • Powerful cleaner used for degreasing hobs, ovens, extractor hoods
  •  Proven to be very effective in drain & grease trap cleaning

Graffiti and gum remover

  • Excellent for removing paint, glue & rubber from concrete & metal
  • Non corrosive natural solvent giving powerful cleaning while being environmentally friendly


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